Augmented Reality Architecture


Every app we build starts with an understanding of what a business needs to do. Only then do we start to determine what the app needs to do.

The Ideal Visualization Tool

Our designs, builds and services custom applications to meet the specific business needs of each of our clients. We’ll outline the functional requirements, we’ll build a catalog of 3D models, we’ll integrate the app with 3rd party systems, and we’ll use design elements to be consistent with branding and design specs. Our advanced augmented reality visualization tools help your customers see your designs in stunning 3D. Users can select from a options you may wish to offer, such as colors, finishes, or placement of furniture items. By allowing people to visualize your ideas and decide what they like, We help to drive quicker business decisions.

A Variety of Experiences

  • 3D designs can “pop up” from a printed plan.
  • Offer walk throughs of design environments before creation.
  • Impose design concepts in AR over entire rooms.
  • Show large exterior renovations and remodels.
  • Assemble modular furniture pieces and preview in 3D.
  • Allow users to select from color, finish, or furniture options.

Architecture & Real Estate Augmented Reality Solutions

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Accelerate decision processes & build consensus

Move your projects along more quickly.

Utilize types of multiple visual experiences

A single System can offer many types of visualizations.

Leverage your existing capabilities with 3d tools

Extend 3D design & BIM into marketing & business development.

Enhance your brand identity with cutting edge technology

Be a tech leader. With a Constructor app, even your kids will think you’re cool!

Seize a competitive edge to win projects and drive sales

Make a bigger impact and be the project they remember and talk about.

Improve collaboration on design elements

Share design concepts more quickly and effectively.

Save time and money with 3d visualization tools

Physical models are more costly to produce & ship.

Encourage choice for deeper design interactions

Let people select from color, fabric & materials, furniture options.

Promote new interior design and renovation projects

Redesign and renovation projects can show “before and after” views.

Support pre-construction financing efforts

Show investors what they’re investing in. Show buyers what they’re buying.

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