Web Application Development

At Sophic Technology Services, we provide a host of services that suit your online technology needs. We provide a list of services including:

We are one of the leading website development companies globally, and we boast of a team of web designers and developers that have insurmountable experience with a great deal of enthusiasm that is sure to cater to your needs for innovation and creativity. We are never short of ideas as we bring to the table a large field of expertise, talent, and dedication to help you achieve your goals. Our team boasts of rich Internet applications and advanced web application development services that help businesses in the modern world to reach their target audiences in whichever way they choose. Our team of experts have a great deal of experience in the field of customizing advanced web applications that integrate complex business logic helping you deal with large databases and helping you achieve a vast number of transactions.

Responsive & Parallax Themes

We understand your need for diversity, and we, therefore, use the best Web technologies that offer you websites that are not only gorgeous in design but also in content. We develop and maintain websites that are capable of a unique number of functionalities that enable users achieve the optimum experience and leveraging your business with a high ROI.

Websites created by Sophic Technology Services are often largely responsive in nature and suitable for viewing on all platforms from desktop computers to IPad and even mobile devices.

Our state-of-the-art parallax websites offer you high-end animation and give your website an almost surreal look with a 3D view when components in the background move in parallel with elements in the forefront. We are equipped with the skill to switch effortlessly between client-side scripting and server-side technologies by working on advanced systems such as .Net, PHP, Ajax, etc.

We work on all major web technologies framework

.NET Development

This happens to be one of the best levels on enterprises as it delivers high-end performances on a quicker development cycle. With better security measures, higher scalability and unambiguous configuration, we are capable of rendering the best of advantages that .Net services have to offer.

PHP Web Development

This is the most efficient and influential form of a server-side scripting language on the planet and is considered for developing dynamic pages on the Internet. Therefore, if you are looking for top quality Web Application Development that is not only technically understandable but also exceedingly sharp in exhibition, then PHP functionality suits your needs. Vast majorities of top websites today use PHP scripting language including online giants Yahoo, Wikipedia and even Facebook. At Sophic Technology Services, we offer web development services that suitable for quicker loading applications.

Drupal Web Development

Drupal is also PHP based and is a free web platform for online content management. It also comes with unique features that make it 'cool' and easy to understand. Drupal brings the functionality of providing multiple languages for websites for business, E-commerce, Personal blogs and many more. Drupal, helps consumers manage vast amount of content online and manage information databases with ease.

Wordpress Web Development

WordPress happens to be the most user-friendly online open source technology for creating and designing a website. Some WordPress web development companies exist online, and it is excellent for review websites, affiliate & sales websites, and even directories. WordPress is also technically driven by PHP and MySQL and is definitely referred to as one of the must-haves for web developers. At Sophic, we present to you a large team of extremely skilled WordPress developers that are capable of various features of web development.

Joomla Web Development

Being an open source content management system (CMS), Joomla is extensively used in different industries such as business, education, hospitality, social networking, non-profit organizations, healthcare and many more. The Joomla package contains many different parts, allowing easy modular extensions and integrations. Joomla is used for developing very simple to highly complex websites that require high customization and personalization. Sophic is a very well renowned Joomla Development Company located in India serving many clients with Joomla web Development services.

Web Design & Development Services

At Sophic, we believe that your website provides an image to your business, and we believe in creating just the right image for you. Almost every business worldwide has identified the need for websites as a tool for their commercial progress. We render services that give you top notch web development capabilities that provide web solutions that are sure to achieve your objectives.

Magento Development Services

Our team of experts provides the best of Magento developing services and we provide to you the most efficiently integrated Ecommerce solutions that are easy to access and secure. Magento is one of the most largely recognized web applications for endorsing E-commerce features that render high performances and outlook. We the help of our more than capable team of experts, we are sure to give you the best online experience and quality you desire.

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