Mobile Application Development

At Sophic Technology Services, we provide a host of services that suit your online technology needs. We provide a list of services including:


Ranging from the vast possible demands your smartphone may require from flat layout requirements to hamburger-style menus, we specialize in creating fantastic and unique UI/UX templates. We understand that APIs form an important part of mobile apps, and we are capable of rendering server side back-end development as well as client-side front-end development.

Our team of experts specializes in creating enterprise level apps, E-commerce and GPS based apps and lots more for iOS and Android based devices. Whether skipping through apps in the Android play store or the iOS store, we provide answers to every need.

Mobile Strategy & UI/UX Design

You might need functional or architectural requirements, a pure mobile app or a web based app, an app for Android, iOS, or both, an app for cross platform with HTML 5 technology or native apps for individual requirements. You just name it and we deliver it to you.

We formulate the right mobile strategy to design an app for you that meets the requirments of your business based on the market scenario.

If you are looking for a state-of-art mobile app for your business, we have a team that can convert your aspirations into an unbelievable reality.

Having extensive experience working with iOS & Android projects, we have a short span development life cycle and improved return on investment (ROI).

Iphone Development

IPhone Development services offering a wide range of extraordinary services. We develop applications that run well on the iOS features and with advance application development methodology, we are attentive to your needs.

Android Development

Android Development offering you a platform on one of the fastest growing mobile-based platforms in the world today. With large numbers of people worldwide using Android devices, we provide mobile applications that give you access to these multitudes of potential clients.

iPad App Development

With consuming an extensive involvement in iPad Applications development service, our skilled iPad developer and application builders help you in conveying your imaginative idea to be successive on Appstore. We are rewarding our clients across many countries by providing iPad App Development service.  We struggle very hard for the excellence and to surpass the potentials by our inventive designs and practiced engineering where most of the iPad Applications were with extensive backend web development.

Cross Platform Development

We also provide a range of Cross-Platform mobile development services helping you to switch across multiple platforms. From iOS to Android or even Windows, we provide to you some mobile applications that have proper functionality on several platforms.

Windows App Development

Sophic Technologies is a Windows Phone App Development Company and comforts you to convey your most up-to-date mobile apps thought to life. With hottest and cutting-edge app development, our developers provide consistent, well-designed and substantial user experience. The presented interface has a customized layout with neat and clean animations. Our group of capable engineers can construct single apps or a module of an existing one on windows phone platforms based on your precise commercial requirements.

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