IT Managed Services

Seamless performance and exceptional outcomes you can count on

Businesses today are required to invest in a multitude of information technology assets to manage their operations efficiently. Maintenance and support of these assets can be a daunting challenge and may distract companies from focusing on their key objectives. Sophic Technology Inc. managed maintenance support is all about outsourcing specialist services to help you keep your technology maintained and running smoothly. We offer optimized, cost-effective solutions to help you maximize your resources and keep your workforce free from monitoring and managing time-consuming IT tasks.

Why us?

At Sophic, our ultimate objective is to disrupt the conventional IT infrastructure management models by delivering tailor-made IT support solutions that are precise to the needs of enterprises and can help them get the best possible advantage of their IT. Our support services provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Maximize revenue
  • User-focused approach
  • Enhance productivity
  • Reduce IT complexities
  • Fixed SLA’s
  • Improved response time
  • 24x7 customer support

Our Services

Robotic process automation

We offer smart IT process automation services to empower complex back-end systems, help deliver rapid ROI, maximize proficiencies, simplify end-user data presentation, error-free process execution, and improved service as well as system integration.

Accelerate operational process

Our specifically designed solutions are built around modern IT challenges offering robust and agile support in terms of hardware, networking solutions, offshore-onshore services, BPO support, on-call support and more. We help enterprises focus on front-end business improvement processes to drive efficiency and innovation while we take care of routine IT aspects.

Professional services

If your IT workforce is spending excess time in solving trouble tickets than using their skills to enhance network performance, it’s time you should outsource our professional managed services. We have skilled professionals on board and the required knowledge as well as abilities to help you maximize the potential of your investment.

IT monitoring services

IT management and monitoring are necessary as it helps to continually record and analyse every functionality of your IT infrastructure, enabling prediction of any emergencies before-hand. Improve operational efficiency, maintain real-time visibility into your server, storage and network infrastructure with a new IT service model.

Backup and disaster recovery

Many organizations are unable to do accurate backup and disaster recovery planning despite their high dependencies on their IT infrastructure systems. We offer highly scalable and comprehensive data backup and recovery solutions to protect business-critical assets. We provide an integrated, automated protection approach for a complete, single view of the entire stored data, no matter of its location.

Inventory management

Our customized and robust inventory management managed services ensures managing and optimizing of voice, data, mobile expenses, and wireless assets are managed with a minimum of internal resources. We can help you with your asset management which can result in huge savings for the company and mitigate security risks.

Maintenance and support services

We offer a range of maintenance and support services such as troubleshooting problems, software updates, augmenting your current IT engineering capabilities, 24x7 call support for expert advice, central IT management by a dedicated support staff as well as access to global service delivery, onsite support and more.

Cloud migration

Thinking of moving to the cloud to provide value-added services to your customers? We help you migrate, monitor and manage mission-critical cloud application software effortlessly. Designed to drive scalability and efficiency we help you move to cloud seamlessly as well as offer migrations solutions running on IaaS, SaaS, PaaS platforms.

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