Augmented Reality

The fundamental idea of AR is to combine, or mix, the view of the real environment with additional, virtual content that is presented through computer graphics. Its convincing effect is achieved by ensuring that the virtual content is aligned and registered with the real objects. As a person moves in an environment and their perspective view of real objects changes, the virtual content should also be presented from the same perspective.



It is highly likely that most users would not possess the expertise or capability of creating an intricate video similar to the ones created using augmented reality. AR therefore allows users to generate quality pieces of content that they would not be capable of creating themselves.


User Engagement

Asides from producing high quality content, augmented reality also creates fun and highly entertaining material. Sharing such material with other users creates an element of astonishment and thus makes it very entertaining. It actually stimulates others to come up with their own versions and then share it again.


Lasting Impression

The distinctive and inimitable factors of AR applications will certainly wear off with the creation and use of progressively more of such applications. For the moment, brands should ensure that they completely exhaust this exciting new technology and get maximum gains. Augmented reality thus has many possibilities and will continue offering a unique experience for years to come.


Detailed Customization

The notion of uploading customized media onto the computer helps in the creation of highly personalized media pieces for all users. This is because whatever is produced will relate specifically to the user who created it. This factor makes augmented reality far more appealing than an ordinary image or video.



The novelty factor mentioned above will surely enhance users’ desire to share their creation with their extended networks, and the fact that the content is personalized will only add to this.



Augmented Reality for mobile phones is an exciting development and has the power to take the mobile user experience to the next level, offering users the value proposition they have long been waiting for on mobile phones and devices: helpful, simple, convenient just-in-time information and services.




Augmented Reality apps helps in visualizing the localities or an upcoming venture with respect to Hotels, Restaurants, and Housing etc. The user can visualize how the final construction would like, and make productive hassle free decision that will help them attain the comfort and elegance they are aiming for, that too much ahead of the time.



E-Commerce, wherein one can preview the merchandize by the mean of AR, like jewelry, watches, accessories for vehicles etc. Can have a live augmented look and feel of how the actual merchandize would look like in real world. Thus improving the overall satisfaction and confidence of the end user.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing of your product or a brand through ground-breaking Augmented Reality games. Augmented Reality is recognized as an enhanced marketing application that customers can engage with at home, in store, or on the go. Key digital aspects: Augmented packaging, on street marketing, geolocalized apps, advergaming and interacative consumer products.


Educational Resources

Educational resources are emphasized by Augmented Reality systems and can be used to re-create historical events, activate regular books into 3D images, or even present structures of the galaxy; all superimposed in real-time. Augmented Reality is extremely useful for educators in classroom settings or during presentations and allows students to gain a deeper understanding on the topic at hand. By merging content to media the reading experience is enhanced and the reader is fully engaged. The text and images are on a page as usual, but Augmented Reality allows you to see dynamic, 3D computer graphics "hovering" over it.


Industrial, Military and Medical Applications

Industrial, military and medical applications concerning the validation of designs or plans are a specialization of Augmented Reality. When soldiers need information on their surroundings they can receive detailed 3D maps. If a doctor is performing surgery, a live image of a human subject is accessible. Important occupations in need of crucial information use Augmented Reality tools to visually superimpose their solutions.


Fitness Management

AR mobile apps can help improve the wellness and fitness regime too. For instance, a person can view work-out related data right around his field of vision to get details about his/her. Medical/Healthcare AR apps have the power to drive significant change. With platforms, you can create your own customized version of an AR-focused healthcare app within few days.


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