Equipped with unmatched skill and equipment. Sophic Technology Services is a competent and qualified web development and design company located in Vancouver, Canada. Our team of highly skilled professionals provide you the best quality of service on the market, and we help you to achieve your website goals and objectives. We are extremely qualified and take pride in our consumer satisfaction and with highly qualified and skilled employees, Sophic Technology Services gives you the best possible web design and web development services you can find. We currently have a team of experienced web and App designers and developers that not only know how to achieve your goals and objectives but would ensure that you get ultimate satisfaction with the services that we provide. Sophic Technology Services offers some services to our clients that leave them satisfied and expressing joy over the quality of our work. Our services include:

  • Development of E-commerce websites and portals for your business, which enables you to achieve your business goals just the way, you want. We believe that there are new and innovative ways to achieve your business goals and objectives, and our qualified team of experts would help you to achieve these objectives. We develop portals in Magento, WordPress, Joomla and DotNetNuke. We enable you to give your ideas the expression it desires, and we allow you to simply dream while we take care of the technicalities that may arise in the creation of websites. At Sophic Technology Services, we are more than capable of assisting you to achieve your dreams.
  • Our team of highly capable developers also helps in the creation of websites that specialize in content management technologies like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Content management websites of pose a large complication for individuals without the technical know-how. However, at Sophic Technology Services, this is a breeze, as our developers would help you achieve your goal within the stipulated time and quality parameters you may set.
  • We also aid in the creation of Custom Mobile & Application Software Development. Our team of experts understands that the world is ever evolving, and there is, therefore, the need to have access to services on the go from mobile devices. We, therefore, provide for you top-notch quality applications and the best software that achieve just the goals you may have in mind. Applications such as Event management apps, Buyer’s apps, Applications for Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), Applications for diamond traders, Customer Relationship Management and Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). We are more than capable of developing applications that suit your custom mobile needs.
  • We also develop Domain specific websites that are unique and easy to use. Web sites for online Furniture, Real Estate, Fashion, Transportation and many more. Our team of developers and web designers are more than capable of helping you achieve your dreams and objectives for your business, and the best part is that we achieve this goal just how you want them. We do not provide rigid paths to achieving goals, at Sophic Technology services we accept that multiple paths lead to the same goal, and we are extremely attentive to your aims and objectives for your business as we carry them out just the way you want it.
  • We also provide Website Maintenance and Support. Our team of technical experts are on-hand to assist with problems that may occur with your website, and we provide technical assistance that understands the problem and is more than capable of solving it.

At Sophic Technology Services, we have a global client base. A large number of our clients are located within the United Kingdom and the U.S. With good work ethics and working culture, we encourage continuous learning and training as part of our corporate ethos. At Sophic Technology Services, we are more than capable of helping you achieve your aims and objectives for your business. With qualified and experienced designers and developers, we are more than capable of helping you achieve your objectives.

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